About Us

Background :

ISHRAE Foundation Trust was formed in 1981, mainly to consolidate the Society's resources and to channel them on Projects necesary to achieve the Aims and Objectives, as listed below.

Aims and Objects :

  • Advancement of the sciences of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineering and related Sciences.
  • Continuing Education of interested persons in said sciences through lectures, demostrations and publications.
  • Rendition of Career Guidance and Financial Assistance to students of said Sciences.
  • Encouragement of Scientific Research.
  • To impart Education in the fields of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Allied Sciences by conducting Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars and to award Diplomas or Certificates.
  • To establish facilities for Testing, Rating, Certification of Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, and allied equipment and Systems.
  • To offer consultancy services in the areas of Education and Training in said sciences.
  • To disseminate and make available to the Government, Industry, and General Public information relating to said sciences through Papers, Reports and Periodic Publications.

Priority Areas:

  • Training
    ISHRAE has recognised that Training Technical Personnel is the single most important need at present, to improve the quality of HVAC & R Work and raise it to meet ever-increasing Customer Expectations. It has also been felt that the existing manpower needs Continuing Education to update them with the latest technology. This has become particularly relevant in the wake of Globalisation of the Indian Economy. Many Industry Leaders have also strongly expressed the need for such a Training Facility.
  • Library
    One of the most important needs of technicians, engineers and entrepreneurs - particularly those at the threshold of their careers, in the HVAC & R field is - ready access to a Library.
  • Testing, Rating & Certification of Equipment and Devices
    Past few years have seen a great surge in the manufacturing activities of both major equipment and ancillaries and devices in the HVAC&R Industry. This has given rise to a need for a facility which will under take testing, and will develop ratings which will help the industry establish reliable ratings and encourage development work.
  • Trust Funds
    Sums received as donations/contributions from Members of the Public, From ISHRAE, ISHRAE Chapters, ISHRAE members, Affiliated and Associated Societies, Businesses and Industries, Government training courses, Workshops, Seminars, Sale of Publications.
  • Advisory Council
    In addition to the Board of Trustees, an Advisory Council consisting of eminent persons in the fields of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Allied fields, will be formed to deliberate on the activities of the Foundation, and to advise the Trustees on various matters in furthering the objects of the trust.